Event Agenda


International Digital Conference and Exhibition

The first half of the conference comprises two sessions;

DX – Minded Business Leaders “Strategic Way Forward”

Transforming Digital Business Culture – its importance and challenges

DX- Minded Business leaders

“Strategic Way Forward”

For any kind of business, strong leadership is vital because we need to understand the changing nature of digital transformation and how to ensure all relevant departments and functions are incorporated into the process to help define the future of an organization with strategic clarity.
In this session, our digitally motivated business leaders will discuss about the strategic and tactical initiatives and implications of the digital transformation journey and will closely examine the necessary aspects of execution to ensure possibilities.

Transforming Digital

Business Culture – Its importance and challenges

There is no digital transformation without a digital culture because culture involves values, characteristics and set of behaviors that define how things get done in an organization. People are the real divers of the digital transformation and business change. In this session we will explore at how pivotal setting the right culture is within transforming business, the leadership in place, agile thinking and the tools and technologies used by the people within the digital workplace. People first, technology comes second.


International Digital Conference and Exhibition

The second half of the conference consists two sessions;

Disruption as an Opportunity

Future of Digitalization – “Nationally and Internationally”

Disruption as an Opportunity

International Digital Conference and Exhibition

Rapid changes in technology always have effects on businesses and businesses need to pursue innovation to upset their own business model before the competition does. Without innovation strategies and approaches, companies will lose their competitive edge in an increasingly commoditized world. There is no time to lose, as technology changes aggressively and new digital forums and devices are emerging. In this session, our speakers will talk about how these disruptive technologies can become opportunities for an organization.

Future of Digitalization

“Nationally and Internationally”

In this session, we will explore the future of digital transformation on large-scale, on multiple aspect of business, providing unparallel opportunities for value-creation and capture, moreover being a source of major risk