Event Introduction


International Digital Conference and Exhibition

International Digital Conference and Exhibition’ 2019, stemmed by Badar Expo Solutions (BXSS) will be the first-ever building block nation’s leading international conference and exhibition in Pakistan that navigates digital transformation, changing trends and challenges faced by Pakistani Business Community and world-wide.

International Digital Conference and Exhibition’ 2019, attracts a well-balanced, international and highly accomplished senior audience and several national and international DX- minded business leaders and tech visionaries will join hands to anticipate the change in the landscape of business through digital transformation. The forum goes well beyond the common and broadly recognized proven-practices and future actions.

The amalgamation of International Digital Conference plus Exhibition’ 2019, is the distinctive gateway for whole business fraternity and tech visionaries to gather at one platform to recognize the best successful practices in digitalization and for keeping pace with latest and advance innovative digital products or services. We expect a record breaking number of nominations and participations from over 400 industry professionals attending it and making it the utmost prestigious event.

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International Digital Conference and Exhibition


International Digital Conference and Exhibition

Intentionally designed conference plus exhibition with focus on bringing together the leading DX – Minded Business Leaders and Tech-visionaries from key industries at one arena with an aim to comprehend and realize the changing business landscape and its impact through digitalization nationally and internationally.

International Digital Conference and Exhibition’ 2019, desires to initiate and unlock the power of Disruptive Innovations and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that pushing incumbent to redesign business models by creating awareness and developing the holistic digital approach

The International Digital Conference and Exhibition’ 2019 is geared up for keeping up with the most up-to-date digitalization techniques, proven practices adapted by industrial’s leading minds and potential impact of new innovative technologies on future business nationally and internationally through real-world case studies, discussion, interactive panel sessions and latest products exhibition.

Major Learnings

International Digital Conference and Exhibition
  • Learning from evidence based practices and uptrend insights
  • Gain knowledge of innovative techniques, approaches and methodologies
  • Future threads and overcome the challenges preventing progress


International Digital Conference and Exhibition
  1. Design to offer insight and learning as well as discussion with some business leading minds
  2. Take notes from industries leading speakers, key note presentations and panel discussion
  3. Key technologies discuss In details includes “Al, Block chain,Connectivity, Security and loT”
  4. Case studies of “real-world” from companies who have already begun their digital transformation voyage
  5. Interactive session with speakers and dialogues
  6. Bringing latest and innovative technologies under the spotlight to displays, demo and talk in details